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Perhaps you’ll forget my name.

But you wont ever forget:


My secret formula 🧪

The first P is the key


Since 5 years ago I discovered one of my greatest passions” REAL ESTATE BUSINESS” 🏘️, I love work in Real Estate, I love to help others reach their housing and investing dreams.

When I was a young after a teenager (a loooong time ago!!! 😂) I’ve been attracted by a new emerging world: Personal Computers Systems, Programming, Web Development and Digital Media Creations 🥧 and of course The Internet. In those years I fell in love and I have been a passionate fan guy of this ambit since.


Serve to others 

VALAR DOHAERIS, this is a Valyrian phrase “I’m GOT fan too!” that means that “All Men Must Serve

My life is focused on serving God, serving my family and serving others, when you serve others 🤝 you feel a thousand times more rewarded.


Be a topnotch professional

 One day my father told me one day: – “You can win and lose too many things during your life, but never permit you to lose your professional level and your reputation.”




I trust in GOD and its almighty power, everything is because of its love.


They are my big WHY, they are my everything


 My knowledge and continuos preparation supports my targets



Photo and Videography

My other passion 📷: As one of my favorite photographers: Joe Edelman says, – ” Photography is not a competition, is a passion to share “.

Play Racquetball

Nothing works without a strategy, Racquetball 🎾one of the most undervalued sports, the fastest game and one of the most complete

Flying Drones

I cannot be a bird,  but I can fly drones…


Make the discipline the most important habit.

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest; we have to be more disciplines than the rest.”

– Warren Buffet

my last HABIT… but not the less important.


– Why don’t we go and grab three of them RIGHT NOW!!! ufff!!!

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